Audio Equipment

This is a selection of the equipment we have for hire, if you need advice or can't see what you're looking for please don't hesitate to contact us on (01273) 607384.


  • Technics SL1210£20.00
  • Gemini PT2100£18.00

    CD Players

  • Pioneer CDJ1000 mk3£40.00
  • Denon Twin CD with Mixer£46.00
  • Other Pioneer players available on request…

    DJ Mixers

  • Pioneer DJM 600£40.00
  • Pioneer DJM 800£48.00
  • Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus£60.00
  • Gemini MM 3000£16.00

    Live Sound Mixers

  • Soundcraft Folio F1 8 Channel Mixer£24.00
  • Soundcraft EFX12 12 Channel Mixer£30.00
  • Soundcraft LX7 16 Channel Mixer£48.00
  • Allen and Heath GL3300 24 Channel Mixer£60.00


  • QSC PLX 1104 300W/ch£24.00
  • QSC PLX 1202 325W/ch£24.00
  • QSC PLX 1602 500W/ch£28.00
  • QSC PLX 2402 700W/ch£34.00
  • QSC PLX 3002 900W/ch£38.00
  • QSC PLX 3402 1100W/ch£42.00

    Mixer Amplifiers

  • Alto 500W£25.00

    Loudspeakers (pair)

  • Alto TS112 200W£25.00
  • Alto TS115 250W£28.00
  • RCF ART 300/312 300W£38.00
  • TurboSound 1561 300W£48.00
  • Loudspeaker Stands (pair)£6.00

    Powered Loudspeakers (each)

  • DAS Action 12A 300W
  • (Can be used as wedge monitors)£25.00
  • Loudspeaker Stands (pair)£6.00

    Wired Microphones (each)

  • Shure PG58, SM58, SM57£6.00
  • AKG D112£8.00
  • AKG C747£9.60
  • AT U851R PZM£9.60
  • Sennheiser MKE80 or ME66£9.60

    Radio Microphones (each)

  • Shure ULX Handheld Radio Mic System£32.40
  • Shure ULX Lapel Radio Mic System£32.40


  • Sennheiser EW300 G3 IEM System£32.40

Hire rates are listed per day and are inclusive of VAT @20%. Weekly hire rates are normally calculated at three times the daily rate, further discounts apply, please call for details.


Audio Package 1

  • 1x QSC PLX1104/1202 Amplifier£46.00
  • 2x Alto TS112 200W Loudspeakers
  • with Stands and Leads.

Audio Package 2

  • 1x QSC PLX1602 Amplifier£69.00
  • 2x TurboSound 1516 300W
  • Loudspeakers with Leads.

Audio Package 3

  • 1x QSC PLX2402 Amplifier£110.00
  • 4x TurboSound 1516 300W
  • Loudspeakers with Leads.

Audio Package 4

  • 2x DAS Action 12A Powered Speakers£56.00
  • with Stands and Leads.

Audio Package 5

  • 1x 500W Mixer Amplifier£70.00
  • 2x RCF ART312 Loudspeakers with Stands.
  • 2x Vocal Microphones with Stands and Leads.

CD & Mixer Package

  • 2x Pioneer CDJ 1000mk3£125.00
  • 1x Pioneer DJM 800 Mixer
A copy of our full hire terms & conditions are available but please note:

A deposit of at least £50 must be paid for equipment at the time of hire booking.

Substantial penalties will be charged for late return of equipment.

Insurance of all hire equipment is the customer’s responsibility.

Talk to a specialist

01273 607384

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